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A Downloadable Art Pack

-The Most Awesome Art Pack is finally Here!

The 4th pack in the character specific series is finally here as voted in our poll, this time focusing on the One and Only Rainbow Dash! Just Like with the P.H.U.N Pack ,FlutterPack, and Luxurious Diamonds, we've searched high and low for the absolute best Dashie Artists to provide all of you guys with the Best Skittle Horse focused Art Pack to date!

-Over 40+ Unique, High-Resolution Images featuring Rainbow Dash which Includes a blend of Pony, Anthro, Hoers and Equestria Girls.

-4 Animations w/ the guest work appearance by HtPot x Welost (2 SFM and 2 Drawn)

- A Talented Cast of 9 Artists including: Aer0 Zer0-Ri2k,  Forsaken, God of Fury, Irisarco, Pabbley, PyroPK, ScrewingwithSFM, SlimeWiz, and WeLost

-With Special Guest Clopfic Writer Some-Leech


-$5 for the Base Edition which Includes a Single Image with a logo from each artist + GOF and Dildoless ScrewingwithSFM Animations, totaling 10 pieces!

 -$8 for the 20% Cooler Edition which includes All of the Artist's Images without the Logo, plus Edits, All Animations, and Access to Future Post Launch Bonus Content totaling over 40 individual pictures! 


-We would love to hear your feedback about our Pack and learn about what could make us do better in the future! Feel free to leave your honest opinions on our survey: https://forms.gle/6HvAau9Vy3ppYTt48

We'll like to humbly thank each and every one of you all for the support and wish the best of enjoyment to this pack as we had working on it.

~Stay Awesome!


Full Pack Details Below (for Deluxe Edition)

-Aer0 Zer0 Ri2k: Solo Cheerleader Pony Dash/ Solo EQG Dash Presenting

-Forsaken: Anthro Solo Dash Butthole Presenting/ Windy x Futa RD Incest/  2 Solo Dash's

-God of Fury: Anon x Pony Dash Anal Animation

-Irisarco: Anthro Boobjob/ Dildo Riding + Futa and Cum Edits

-Pabbley: Solo Pony Dash

-PyroPK: Solo Pony Dash Ponut Presenting + Sock Edits

-ScrewingWithSFM: Solo Futa Dash Masturbation (Dildo and Dildoless)

-SlimeWiz: Pony Dash Dildo Riding/ WeLost Collab Mind Control/ Dildo Riding Animation

-WeLost: Solo Pony Dash Masturbation/ Hoers Dash x Anon + Bonus Solo Hoers Dash Edits

-Some-Leech: 6k word Clopfic

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorAer0 Zer0-Ri2k


A Dash of Awesome Base Edition.zip 116 MB
A Dash of Awesome Deluxe.zip 288 MB
A Dash of Awesome Bonus.zip 87 MB

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It seems that something is wrong?

Is an update still inbound?


The update has been released, if u bought the deluxe edition it should be available for download under "A Dash of Awesome Bonus.zip"

Meh I did not see the 8USD Option and now I got the 5USD version xD

4th of the character pack?


The first was Ponk, then Flutters, and then Rares

(1 edit)

Maybe I've misses the Ponk pack, can you show me the art pack purchase page?


You can find the Ponk pack under Frist44's page https://frist44.itch.io/the-phun-pack


Thanks, I will check that out.